Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bhawani Singh Meena – IAS (MH: 1975) Special Secretary & Financial Advisor equivalent Secretary click here for more..

The choice has narrowed down. Mr. Aloke Nigam – IAS (HY: 1986) is likely to be next Joint Secretary Financial Services, Click here for more..

Ashok Kumar Sharma – IFS 1981 is certain to get the posting for the post of Senior Directing Staff (Foreign Services) National Defence College.Click here for more..

Dinesh Kumar Jain – IAS (MH: 1983) Joint Secretary Ministry of Panchayat Raj is not getting lateral transfer to Department of Heavy Industries.Click here for more..

Ms Kavita Pandey – IRS (IT 1990) Director Ministry of Information & Broadcasting is not getting lateral shift. Click here for more

Ms. Nirupama Kotru – IRS 1992 may join as Director Ministry of Corporate Affairs Click here for more

With Amardeep S. Bhatia – IAS (NL: 1993) proceeding on a long term Click here for more